Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Energy crisis

We all know using gasoline is bad, but why do we continue to use it?  I could write all day on this subject but the short of it is, the market and the industry isn't willing to change. The market is full of ideas to stop consuming oil products, but these are merely a bandaid on an infected wound.
Hybrids are the biggest insult to the problem, they might get slightly better mileage, but the energy used to make the car in the first place far outweighs the pollution saved from using the car. These cars will release an abnormally high amount of smug during use too, which is very hazardous to the population.
Electric cars have different problems, mostly from  having to produce lithium batteries (huge pollution amount) and disposing of them.
Bio fuel cars solve the problem of where to get oil from, but many studies show bio fuel pollutes just as much if not more than gas.
The only real solution I can think of is internal combustion hydrogen cars such as the BMW hydrogen 7. It is possible to create hydrogen from electricity, if the source of the electricity is pollution free then the hydrogen would be pollution free, and you would get a true zero emission car. The only pollution would be from creating the car, which would be the same as a normal car.
Should we switch to this type of car? Yes. Will we? Probably not.


  1. I don't feel hydrogen is a viable alternative to fossil fuel, the largest and most readily available sources are still fossil fuels. It could be an effective bridge fuel until something more effective comes along.

  2. Hindsight is always 20/20, it'd be interesting to see if we would've have elected to use a different fuel source when designing the first automobiles

  3. Energy required to produce hydrogen battery: X
    Energy given off by hydrogen batter: Less than X

    They are pretty much a fairy tale

    Wait for cold fusion and extremely efficient battery technologies, that'll solve shit.

  4. i wanna get that electric nissan

  5. The problem with alot of Green Energy stuff is that it often isnt as efficient as portrayed.
    For example, we couldnt do trucking with electric trucks.

    No reason to not develop the tech though into something we need.